What Our Clients Say


OneAscent not only shares our values but surpasses our expectations for service. They came highly recommended by our friends, and we now highly recommend them to others! Our advisor provides direction for us, taking special care to ask questions and to keep us on track with our vision of management of finances in our marriage. The client service staff are incredibly hospitable and welcoming when we come to the office in person. We certainly are not the biggest account that OneAscent handles, but we appreciate the fact that status does not dictate the help we receive.

– Shannon Cress

At OneAscent, we get personalized, knowledgeable, accessible support in making our investment decisions. The investment choices that our advisor suggests align with our Christian values and beliefs. We know we’ll receive good help in choosing the type and timing of investments that best fit our assets, risk tolerance, etc.

– Johnny & Karen H.


I receive excellent service at OneAscent. The staff is very knowledgeable, caring, and kind. I know they are following the Lord as they choose the best options for my situation. Through our Lord they work with the right people and know what stock to use.  I love working and talking with my advisor and the client service team. They are wonderful, helpful, and very great in what they do. 

– Mary Morgan

Our advisor really shows he cares through his process.
He engages with us and truly understands our wants, needs, and desires for our investments.

– Harris & Cyndi Wheeler

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