A Desire to Do Better, Invest Better, and Serve You Better

After serving at one of the largest wealth management firms in the country as a nationally recognized advisor for nearly two decades, our CEO Harry Pearson heard a calling. His experience had given him the insight that, while large, corporate financial firms have much to offer, they are solely focused on earnings and didn’t think about the impact one’s investments can make.

Harry, however, felt led to help his clients develop customized investment strategies that were fully aligned with their values, convictions, and passions, and to use their wealth to help make a difference in the world. That’s why in 2017, he founded OneAscent Wealth to help investors find a better way to both help themselves and others.

We Are The Stewards.

If we believe that everything we have is a gift that has been given to us, then our money, finances, and assets are not ours to own but to steward. With that in mind, and after diligent prayer and consultation with his family, Harry transitioned away from his long-tenured role at his then-current firm and set out to offer his clients a new values-based approach to investing.

At that moment, OneAscent Wealth was born. Even though the move came with risk, he knew it was the right path forward.

With OneAscent Wealth, individuals have an opportunity to align their values with their investments.

As it turns out, Harry wasn’t alone in his belief that investments could be used to make a positive impact and “bless humanity.” Since its founding, OneAscent Wealth’s approach has been embraced by clients across the countryIn addition to our headquarters in Birmingham, AL, OneAscent Wealth has opened offices in Albany, GAIndian Harbour Beach, FL; and Columbia, TN.  

If you’d like to learn more about putting your money to work through values-based investing, please contact us today!