Values-Based Financial Planning

Our financial planning goal is quite simple: to help you live the best life you can with the wealth you’ve accumulated or intend to accumulate, then using that wealth to create a legacy that reflects your values.  

As you navigate the complexities of financial decision-making, our financial advisors act as a guide and partner through all life’s stages.

Our Financial Planning Process

Our goal is to build a long-term relationship based on mutual trust, understanding, and communication, as we help clients find clarity, confidence, and contentment in their financial lives.

Finding Clarity

Our process starts by getting to know who you are — your family, goals, desires for the future, your thoughts about money, your expectations in creating a financial plan, and what you value most.

We use two tools to help you connect your financial goals to your personal desires, the MoneyMind Analyzer and Honest Conversations. These two tools, while similar, give us a better picture of how you, or you and your spouse, think and feel about money. 

MoneyMind asks questions that help reveal how you relate to money. Do you tend to prioritize the people and causes you care about, even if it means putting aside your own financial needs? Perhaps you believe you need to build a better financial safety net. When you have a better understanding of what your money means to you you can find clarity in making the right decisions for your financial life.

Our second tool, Honest Conversations, includes a deck of 15 cards, each with a different phrase. Some of these phrases include “have the ability to retire early,” “minimize what I pay in taxes,” “spend more time with my family,” and “leaving a legacy for my children and grandchildren.” From these cards, you choose the five that matter the most to you and share why you chose them.

Your advisor will help you and your spouse identify how you think and feel about money, and what matters most to you through these discussions. These two factors will be the foundation for your financial strategy.

Building Confidence

Shortly after your initial meeting with our financial advisor, we’ll take a deeper look into your finances. After collecting your financial information, your advisor can provide a current snapshot of your overall financial position. Our advisors focus on where your money is going through living, giving, owing, and growing. 

From here, your advisor can walk you through how your values align with your current finances, what gaps exist, and the potential paths you can take to reach your financial goals. 

Our intent is that you can walk away from this meeting with confidence, while you look at your life one year, five years, and twenty years from now and be able to answer three key questions:

  • Do I believe God owns it all?
  • Do I believe I have enough?
  • Is the next steward chosen and prepared?

Get Started On Your Financial Journey

Our goal is to help our clients live well and finish well. Creating a personalized financial plan is just one of the ways we help make this happen. If you have questions or would like to learn more about starting your financial planning process, reach out to us!

Establishing Contentment

Our next step in the financial planning process considers the practical steps in your financial journey.  We know where you are and where you want to be, but how will we get there? Here we present you with a Financial Roadmap, which evaluates a thousand possibilities based on your values and desires, market trends, and other future projections to identify the strategy that works best for you.

We also use this tool in consideration with our money management principles to ensure your financial plan has long-term sustainability. We believe in five biblical principles that provide a foundation for every financial plan that we apply to your situation, strategy, and values:

  1. Spend less than you earn
  2. Avoid the use of debt
  3. Plan for financial margin
  4. Set long-term goals
  5. Give generously

Our process doesn’t stop there. We ensure continuous guidance through updates from your advisor, our Client Portal, and other resources to make certain that your financial plan stays on course. While your plan can change as your life does, you can always be assured that your financial plan is in accordance with your values, desires, and success.