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Retirement plan services for your company’s greatest asset: your people.

Empower your people to live aligned.

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Offer your employees a new choice: the freedom to invest in a way that aligns with what they value most.


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Values Aligned Retirement Plan Services

Retirement plan services are an essential benefit for competitive businesses. OneAscent Wealth provides options that can be tailored for each participant. Your employees have different goals for their life and legacy. Many prioritize leisure and happiness in retirement, and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a good life after a successful career. But others aren’t content checking items off their bucket list. They feel called to a higher purpose in their golden years. These individuals value financial freedom because it allows them to focus on their mission.  

OneAscent Wealth works with employees to develop a values-aligned financial plan to accomplish their goals. 

OneAscent Wealth provides retirement plan services for clients nationwide from our offices in:

Our advisors are trusted partners who guide clients through decisions related to capital preservation, income generation, end-of-life care, and family legacy.

Empower your people to live aligned.