What is a Certified Kingdom Advisor?

October 12, 2022

If you’re familiar with our values and processes here at OneAscent Wealth, you know that we’re a Kingdom-minded company that offers a values-based financial approach for individuals and organizations. 

In years past, many Christians have expressed challenges in finding a financial advisor who shared their beliefs — and was able to help them navigate their wealth in light of these values. From this need, the Certified Kingdom Advisor® Designation was born. 

What Is a Certified Kingdom Advisor?

Kingdom Advisors is an organization built to connect Christian financial advisors and equip them with the knowledge and resources to serve clients who share their values. 

Through this organization, financial professionals who want to go deeper with their clients—and their careers can receive the Certified Kingdom Advisor® Designation. Each advisor goes through training to equip them with a higher level of expertise and understanding to offer clients clarity, contentment, and purpose in stewarding their wealth.

Hays, one of our Certified Kingdom Advisors® at OneAscent, shared his reasoning for getting this designation. “After attending the Annual Kingdom Advisors Conference a few times, I felt that the Certified Kingdom Advisor professional designation would better equip me to guide clients through personal stewardship & legacy discussions. Prior to completing the CKA training, I wasn’t particularly confident in my ability to help clients navigate the intersection of their faith & their finances. The CKA training & designation gave me the confidence to step into these conversations with clients in a way that was meaningful & impactful, and oftentimes allowed me to understand a client’s desired outcome better as it relates to how they manage their personal finances.”

Why Should You Work with A Certified Kingdom Advisor?

If you have a biblical worldview that drives your decision-making, including how you spend and save your money, there is a benefit in working with an advisor who views finances the same way. 

Through the Certified Kingdom Advisor® coursework and examination, advisors have become proficient in applying biblical wisdom to their financial counsel. As you navigate saving and investing strategies, your advisor will be able to say, “here’s what the Bible says about this.”

You can trust that your financial advisor has the technical competence and ethical principles to serve you with excellence and integrity. All Certified Kingdom Advisors® have also committed to biblical stewardship in their own lives.

What are the benefits of working with a financial advisor?

Find a Certified Kingdom Advisor Near You

We asked our CEO Harry Pearson about the value for clients to work with Certified Kingdom Advisors. He said, “Less than 1% of faith-based advisors work at a firm that gives them the freedom to integrate faith into the planning and investment counsel they offer families.  At OneAscent Wealth, it’s why we exist. Every steward desires to hear well done thy good and faithful servant. We take the best the world has to offer and then help you filter that through the lens of a biblical worldview. Instead of just more and more and more, we help families wrestle with how we are doing with contentment, generosity, and faith as we make stewardship decisions. God’s Word is always right, always relevant, and never going to change. It also gives us what we need to deal with every financial decision we’ll ever need to make. Using God’s Word as our cornerstone, OneAscent Wealth joyfully serves stewards to live well and finish well.”

If you are looking for a Certified Kingdom Advisor® in Birmingham, our CEO Harry Pearson and Senior Lead Advisor Hays Latimer have this designation. Hays also serves clients as a Certified Kingdom Advisor® in Albany. 

Regardless of this certification, all of our financial advisors and team members at OneAscent Wealth are committed to serving clients in a faith-focused manner. Our advisors can help you design a custom financial plan or investment strategy that reflects the values that matter most to you. 

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