Dealing with Data and Forging Relationships: An Interview with Ashley Alliston

Ashley Alliston is committed to providing a superior client experience for everyone who walks through OneAscent Wealth’s front door or picks up the phone to call. 

We interviewed Ashley, a Client Service Specialist in our Birmingham office, to learn more about how she became part of the OneAscent Wealth team and her joy in serving clients every day. 

A Background in Investments

Ashley is a Birmingham native. She and her husband have three children, two of whom follow in her footsteps as accountants, and the third is serving in the Army. 

Ashley started her degree at Auburn University and finished at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. After college, she worked as an investment auditor for a few years and then moved into a position at a public accounting firm before taking a break from her career to raise her children. 

As her children got older, Ashley started planning a return to the workforce. In 2015, her husband was working as a contractor for Harry Pearson, and Harry mentioned that he needed to hire a service representative for his financial services company. Ashley knew Harry’s reputation as a person of faith who lived aligned with his values, so Ashley applied for the job.

After Harry and Ashley talked, it was clear that her passion for serving and experience in investments and accounting made her a perfect fit.

Transitioning to A New Company

Ashley started working with Harry several years before he founded OneAscent Wealth, so she experienced the realization of OneAscent’s values-centered financial approach firsthand. 

“Harry’s vision was to offer values-based investing as an option, not only for his company but to advisors in other firms.” 

When Harry founded OneAscent Wealth, Ashley played a key role in the transition. She worked with clients to help them understand the change and earn their buy-in. Most clients hadn’t heard about values-based investing, and Ashley was a part of the meetings to introduce clients to this new idea. 

“Almost all of the feedback was, ‘We’re on board, we trust you.’ And I think that trust was the foundation for such a successful transition.” 

Many of those clients are still working with OneAscent Wealth, and they frequently share their joy and gratitude with Ashley. 

A Trusted Point of Contact

Ashley provides support for OneAscent Wealth’s team of advisors. She acts as a liaison for clients about service requests, including anything from changing their address to withdrawing funds. Ashley and the other Client Service Specialists are the first point of contact when clients call. When they have a question or concern, she has the answer. 

Phone conversations can feel impersonal when you don’t know who is on the other end — especially if you share personal and sensitive information. That is why OneAscent Wealth brings Ashley or another Client Services team member into the initial meeting with clients. This gives clients an opportunity to meet everyone face to face and get to know the whole OneAscent Wealth team.

Ashley ensures that every client experiences a smooth onboarding process. She keeps an eye on client accounts to ensure everything is accurate and in order. 

The Difference In the OneAscent Wealth Client Experience

Ashley’s job at OneAscent Wealth is different from the other jobs she’s held over the course of her career. 

“In a service position, you get to know the clients as you help them accomplish their financial goals. It’s very rewarding when you can help them discover peace of mind about their future, family, or retirement. It’s a great balance between dealing with data and forging relationships.”

Meeting with clients is the most fulfilling part of Ashley’s job. Recently, a couple who had interviewed with another firm came into the office to learn about OneAscent Wealth and evaluate their options before making a decision. Both the husband and wife attended the meeting, and afterward, the husband noted that his wife enjoyed being there. She felt comfortable and valued during the conversation — something she had not experienced with previous firms. Creating an environment where everyone can be seen and welcomed is foundational to Ashley’s job and the OneAscent Wealth model. 

Ashley also values relationships with her co-workers. She says it’s great to be a part of a team where everyone loves their job and is always there to support and encourage each other.

“We have a common goal to serve each other well and serve our clients well. It’s rare to find a place of work where employees commit to living that out, but that’s what we’re all here for at OneAscent Wealth.”

Working With Ashley and OneAscent Wealth

As a OneAscent Wealth client, you can expect to have a valued relationship with your advisor and service team. They will be attentive to your needs and emphasize integrity in all they do. Ashley is just one example of someone who lives these values out every single day! 

To learn more about the OneAscent Wealth process and how you can find clarity and contentment in your financial life, schedule a consultation today!

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