Part of a Mission-Minded Team: With Todd Decker

June 10, 2022

Part of a Mission-Minded Team: With Todd Decker

Todd Decker has been OneAscent Wealth’s Chief Growth Officer since 2020, and his passion to be part of and help build a mission-minded team has been evident every day since. Hear from Todd as he shares his story and how this team has impacted him! 

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Designed to Be In Relationship

When I think about some of the most memorable parts of my life, it’s almost all centered around being on a team. I grew up as the youngest of four boys, so sports were always a big deal in our family. For as long as I can remember, I have been part of a team. 

Over the years, I have played many roles on these teams, whether it be coaching little league football in my community to becoming a quarterback for Duke University. I have always been drawn to the idea of a shared mission and vision. God designed us to be in relationship with one another. We all have a different role to play, but we’re all on the same team. 

It was this love of a team-oriented dynamic that brought me to OneAscent. 

A Career in Financial Services 

I had several years of experience in marketing for financial firms before joining the OneAscent Wealth team, where I led growth for these firms in several leadership roles, including a Chief Marketing Officer.

A few years ago, a mutual friend introduced me to Harry, and I had the chance to learn about OneAscent Wealth’s vision. I heard about the firm’s purpose and desire to love and serve stewards to live well and finish well. It made me want to be part of something bigger. 

Shortly after, I joined the team as our Chief Growth Officer. This was the first values-aligned company I’ve ever worked for. I love our culture and commitment to our clients and core values.

Growing the Business to Build Better Relationships

Much of what I do includes supporting advisors as they step into the needs of our clients by helping them be a steward of what matters most. I also help us grow organically by leading the acquisition of more practices and identifying advisors to run them. 

But of course, I am most passionate about building relationships with people and teammates. I love helping people fill their calling in what they are designed for, whether it’s putting existing team members in the right places, hiring new people, or purchasing new practices to allow the owners to confidently finish well. 

Our acquisition of new practices is primarily focused on helping advisors build a succession plan. We want to assist advisors in the later stages of their careers to finish well by creating a plan forward that honors their legacy. We want to find the advisors and team members who are the best fit to step in and serve clients with excellence. 

A Team Living Out Our Values

A team needs to have a mission, vision, and core values, but it’s far more important that the team understands these ideas and lives them out. That’s what has impacted me most about our team. Everyone is values-aligned, humble, hungry and committed, competent, serves with excellence, and puts clients’ needs first. 

When you have a team that buys into these things, we are able to work with each other effectively and cohesively. We trust and care about each other. Everybody knows their role and feels like they fit in. They know they are valued not just by their contribution but also as a person.

Our values also put us in a great position to serve well, listen intentionally, and see things from the client’s perspective. It’s not just about what we say, we live it out each day. We don’t just say we care about each other, we spend time each week in corporate prayer for our coworkers and clients.

Why OneAscent?

We have a clear and common vision around helping clients. We step in and learn about our clients, how they think and feel about money, and develop a financial plan to get them where they want to go. It’s not about us, it’s not about numbers. It’s about understanding who they are.

We use a values-based investment approach to help our clients align their investment strategies with what matters most to them. We want them to be confident in their ability to leave a legacy, passing on values and not just valuables. 

If you want to learn more about finding a values-based investing approach for your financial future, contact us here! We would love to talk with you about how we can help you build the life and legacy you desire. 

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