OneAscent Wealth Opens An Office In Pensacola, FL

August 5, 2022

OneAscent Wealth Opens An Office In Pensacola, FL

Donna Jordan of Money Professionals Joins Forces with OneAscent Wealth

OneAscent Wealth Pensacola

OneAscent Wealth and the Pensacola-based advisory firm, Money Professionals joined forces this past quarter. OneAscent Wealth serves individuals and institutions that desire to integrate their values into their wealth management, financial planning, and investment decisions. The combined firm will now have five offices serving over 1,000 clients across the Southeast.

“I am very excited to be joining OneAscent Wealth , an advisory firm that shares my personal and professional values and my desire to serve my clients with excellence,” said Donna Jordan, the owner of Money Professionals. “This will allow us to tap into added resources and access customized services that will continue to help our clients thrive.”

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Pensacola community,” said OneAscent Wealth Founder and CEO Harry Pearson. “Donna Jordan and her team have served Pensacola with excellence for years, and they are a natural fit as we expand our presence in Florida.”

Continued Commitment

OneAscent Wealth Pensacola launches with new tools and resources designed to serve clients who want their investments to align with their values. OneAscent Wealth’s advisors understand the complexities of financial decision-making and are prepared to help you navigate all life’s stages. Our financial advising team in the Gulf Coast is composed of passionate and committed individuals with many years of experience supporting clients and families in their financial goals.

“We help our clients live well and finish well,” said Pearson. “Your investments should align with your values not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because it is a sound investing strategy.”

Money Professionals will operate under the name OneAscent Wealth Pensacola and maintain their location at 625 E. Romana Street, Pensacola, Florida.

Our financial advisors are here to serve you! If you have questions or need to talk with an advisor, contact us today, and we can assist you with any of your financial needs.

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