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Brent Whiddon

Senior Lead Advisor


Cole Pearson

VP, Investment Solutions

Nathan Willis

Director of Portfolio Strategy

John Siverling

Director of Private Markets &
Impact Advocacy

Will Sorrell

Director of
Values-Based Investing

Tom Mueth

Director of Advisor Engagement

Rob Riley

Investment Analyst


Todd Decker

Chief Growth Officer

Samantha Vance

Director of Marketing

Savannah Stewart

Marketing Associate

Anne-Thomas Proctor

Marketing Associate


Rob Grubb

Chief Operations Officer

TJ Claud

Chief Compliance Officer

Charlie Watkins

VP, Finance

Brian Church

Chief Revenue Officer

Matthew Moses

VP, Operational Consulting

Wade Johnson

Director, Transition
and Operations

Jennifer Rogers

Director of Advisor Operations

Jamie Labello

Operations Manager

Jonathan Bennett

Senior Accountant

Nathan Whiddon

Operations Associate

Serving Investors in Albany for Over 20 Years

Brent Whiddon, Senior Lead Advisor for OneAscent Wealth Management in Albany, GA, began his investment career in 1995. He helped clients in Albany and surrounding cities grow and protect their assets through comprehensive planning and asset management. In 2009, he founded Whiddon Wealth Management to better help clients reach a higher purpose for their wealth and design a lasting legacy for their families.

In 2020, Brent and his team joined OneAscent Wealth to further increase his ability to assist clients with aligning their investments with their values and offer the best possible service to his clients. 

OneAscent Wealth provides financial planning services for individuals and businesses, including: 

Our Approach

OneAscent Wealth’s advisors understand the complexities of financial decision-making and are prepared to help you navigate all life’s stages. We take the time to explore how you think and feel about money and what matters most to you. We help assess where you are today and where you want to go. And then, we work with you continually to help you stay on course.  

Learn more about our financial planning process that will help you find clarity, build confidence, and establish contentment. 

Values-Based Investing

Most investment strategies are built around mutual funds or other pooled investment products. But mutual funds can sometimes feel like a mysterious black box. What industries are you invested in? How are profits being generated? What is going on in this “black box,” and what are you profiting from?

At OneAscent Wealth, our proprietary technology allows us to analyze mutual funds and pooled investment products so investors like you can choose which areas and industries you want to promote or avoid. Learn more about values-aligned investing here.

Your values inspire the way you live. Shouldn’t they inspire the way you invest? Reach out to one of our financial planners in Albany today to learn more!

OneAscent Wealth Albany, GA

Our financial advising team in Albany is composed of passionate and committed individuals with many years of experience supporting clients and families in their financial goals.

Our client services specialists, investment strategies, and financial advisors in Georgia are dedicated to helping clients find clarity and contentment in their financial lives. Schedule a consultation today!