Goals with a Purpose

February 1, 2023

How do we mark time? The turning of the calendar represents a benchmark we utilize to gauge success or failure as it pertains to goals. So, what about new goals?

Goals need to be both attainable and meaningful.

As you enter 2023, here are some helpful ideas to assist in hitting your goals.

1. Reflect on the Past Year

Before you put 2022 behind you, take a moment to think about the previous year. What goals did you achieve? Where did you fall short? What memorable experiences did you enjoy? What challenges did you overcome?

2. What should I improve on?

Now, start looking forward. Perhaps there’s an unchecked item on your 2022 list that you want to tackle in 2023. Perhaps you experienced a major life transition at the end of last year that has recalibrated your path towards long-term goals.

As potential goals begin to form in your mind, remember that you’re far more likely to hit a goal that has real personal meaning to you. Maybe an overarching goal involves being more hospitable to those around you. Turning that into a tangible goal of having people in your house for dinner once a month meets your overall hope.

3. Set realistic goals.

A realistic goal could be, “I want to maximize my Roth IRA contributions this year,” or “I want to save a set amount of dollars for a down payment on a new house.”

Once you have those goals in sight, you can start breaking them down into the smaller benchmarks that you need to hit throughout the year on your way to your overall goal. By setting multiple short-term benchmarks, you create a roadmap to hitting your big picture goals.

4. Write it down and track it.

Visualizing your progress towards goals can create both motivation and accountability. Seeing all those checkmarks strung together is highly affirming. Blank spots will nag at you to catch up. Carrying out goals in concert with others can help keep you on track.

As you consider financial goals, even if you’re unsure of what they are, schedule a meeting with us so we can help put together a plan and help you reach your goals.


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