End of the Year Message from Harry Pearson

December 4, 2020

End of the Year Message from Harry Pearson

WOW!!! 2020 will be a year we won’t soon forget. We’ve learned to Zoom, to work from home, to intentionally social distance, to make reservations at church, to function when our states are shutting down, and that wearing masks is the new “in thing.” We’ve learned that even though we think we’re strong, a virus 1/1,000 the thickness of a human hair can take over and remind us how dependent on God and others we really are. Through all these challenges and uncertainties, the human spirit has continued to fight, and we see people moving forward, working to make lemonade out of lemons. We are reminded that life is not about an abundance of possessions but honoring that which is most important, God and family. I am reminded of two quotes that have encouraged me over the years. 

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”


“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” 

2020 has been difficult and challenging for us all. We pray that each of us has been changed for the better, has renewed a focus on family, and that these circumstances truly lead to a better, beautiful way of doing life.

As a firm, we’re grateful for your trust and patience. Although we prefer seeing you face-to-face, we are blessed to continue interacting and engaging digitally. Nurturing our connection with the people we serve has been a joy as we seek to deliver the value you need and have come to expect from us. 

From a business standpoint, we’ve had quite a few changes. We created the OneAscent Wealth brand to represent our expanding regional footprint, with new locations in Columbia, TN, Albany, GA, and Indian Harbour Beach, FL. Our team has also grown, with six Lead Advisors, five Client Service Specialists, and six dedicated operations support staff. We are expecting another office with four more team members to join OneAscent in early January. 

Our growth enables us to offer more services, and it equips us to serve more values-oriented families with excellence. Be on the lookout for new offerings like Tax and Family Office services. As we grow, some solutions and services will change, but we will never change WHY we do what we do. We exist to empower stewards to live well and finish well

We are grateful that you trust us with your Planning, Investment, and Stewardship decisions. We love what we do, and our desire will always be to help you reach the highest and best intentions you have for your own life.

Don’t look back…..2021 is almost here.

 Keep pressing and expecting,

 Harry Pearson


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