Do your investments align?

What do you value most?

Use our online tool to identify the values that matter most to you and analyze your investments to see if they align. Start living aligned today!

OneAscent Wealth was founded to serve individuals and institutions who want their investments to align with their values.

Most mutual funds and other pooled investment products provide limited insight into the industries and companies they are invested in. As a shareholder or owner, it’s important to know how the companies you’re invested in make money. There are some companies that you’d be proud to own because they fill a need and truly bless mankind. On the other hand, there are some you would never want to invest in because they make money from products or services that do not align with your deepest core values.

Our financial advisors help you identify what’s most important to you, so that you can be confident your planning, investment, and stewardship decisions align.

Take the first step today by identifying what matters most to you.

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