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OneAscent has a team of Kingdom Advisors in Birmingham committed to helping you realize and reach your financial goals. We have exclusive access to proprietary tools to:

  • Analyze Your Investment Portfolio

  • Identify investments that align with your financial goals AND with Biblical values

  • Avoid Investments That Conflict With Your Beliefs

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Reach Your Financial Goals In Life and In Legacy

You don’t need to compromise your values to make a profit.

Most mutual funds and other pooled investment products don’t provide insight into the industries and companies they are invested in. As a result, many faith-based investors are unaware that their investments are profiting from industries that conflict with their beliefs, such as abortion, pornography, gambling, and tobacco. 

The trusted advisors at OneAscent Wealth can help you implement financial planning, investing, and stewardship strategy that aligns with your Biblical values and your financial goals. Our process uses new tools and resources to build custom plans tailored to your situation.

Reach out to one of our Certified Kingdom Advisors® to find out if your investments align with your faith.

Analyze My Investments

99 out of 100 faith-based families are investing in ways that do not align with their beliefs. What does this mean for your family? If you want to find out more but aren’t quite ready to schedule a consultation, use our free online tool to analyze your investment portfolio. See if your investments align with the things you value most.