Celebrating the Launch of OneAscent Wealth!

September 24, 2020

Celebrating the Launch of OneAscent Wealth!

About OneAscent

The vision for OneAscent came from its Founder and CEO, Harry Pearson, a financial planner and wealth manager with more than 24 years of experience. He founded OneAscent because he felt a calling to invest with a higher purpose and wanted to help others do the same.

OneAscent is a family of companies committed to delivering Kingdom-class financial solutions to advisors and investors. Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, with office locations across the United States, our mission is to help our clients thrive in life and legacy.

Live Well, Finish Well

Most mutual funds and other pooled investment products provide limited insight into the industries and companies they are invested in. OneAscent Wealth identifies mutual funds invested in companies that don’t align with many investor’s values, such as abortion, pornography, tobacco, and gambling. This empowers investors to adjust their investment strategies to align with their values.

The goal of OneAscent remains to create a financial services organization that helps its clients “live well and finish well,” by providing customized strategies that build planning, investment, and stewardship decisions around the things they value most.

To learn more about OneAscent Wealth, visit our about us page!

Our Process

OneAscent’s unique onboarding process helps individuals identify their values, then tailors a plan based on their investment goals and current financial situation.

Before your first meeting, we’ll provide you access to our Money Mind Tool, which will helps you understand how you think and feel about money . Then, when you meet with one of our financial advisors, he or she will walk you through determining what matters most to you and help assess your financial situation. Together, we’ll then help you develop a plan to reach your investment goals, all the while aligning your decisions with your values!

Do Your Values Align?

We believe a good investment fills a need, creates sustainable profit, provides a positive return, and blesses humanity. However, many companies stop after delivering a positive return.

The true purpose of investing is simple — to supply capital to great businesses. Values-aligned investing is about more than profit. It’s about how we, as stewards, choose to meet needs and make our impact on the world.

Start building a financial plan you can be confident in today, by contacting us or using our free evaluation tool to see if your investments align with what you value most!

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