Everyone leaves a legacy. What’s yours?

Many people say they want to leave a good legacy, but that doesn’t happen by default. To leave the legacy you desire, you must be intentional about how you live and how you leave this life. It’s not just about your valuables. It’s about your values.

At OneAscent Wealth, we engage in a process called Legacy Coaching that goes above and beyond traditional Estate Planning. We help identify what matters most to you and consider how your financial decisions can reflect the values you hold dear. This is the path to building the legacy you hope to leave.

What Legacy Do You Want to Leave?

Leaving a legacy starts with your values and desires for your assets, both while you are alive and after you pass. Our process starts with a conversation about how you want to leave a legacy in five areas:

  • Your personal legacy
  • Your family legacy
  • Your financial legacy
  • Your business legacy 
  • Your charitable legacy

All of these areas are intertwined, but each may have its own specific objectives. For example, how do you view your wealth transfer? Do you want to leave your children equal amounts, or consider each of their needs and situations? If you’re a business owner, do you have a business continuity and succession plan? How much do you plan to give away?

Our advisors ask questions like these to help you identify specific ways to utilize your wealth and develop a plan that expresses your vision in each of these areas. You will come away with:

  • Clarity in your decisions about what to do with what you have
  • Peace of mind that your financial plans and personal goals align with this clarity
  • Confidence that your family and those you will leave behind understand your desires and how they are reflected in your decisions
  • Certainty that you’re leaving a legacy by design, not by default

Your Legacy Starts Now

Legacy planning isn’t end-of-life planning. Have you ever considered that you could see and enjoy the wealth you pass on to your children and charity? 

While writing a will and specifying beneficiaries are part of your estate planning, creating a legacy is about so much more. Our financial advisors help you find ways to see and experience your legacy at work. How can you spend time with your grandchildren in a memorable and valuable way? How can you see a mission field revived by a significant donation? 

Our financial advisors do not replace your legal advisers or CPAs, but build on your estate plan to create a strategy focused on your desires for your legacy. We help you implement your plan to experience and enjoy the fruits of it, today and tomorrow.

Leaving a Legacy by Design

All of these legacy decisions have a significant impact on your life and those around you. We want to take your personal and financial goals and bring them to life, starting today. Schedule a consultation to leave your legacy by design!